NPX ONE Cafeteria Tray

Cafeteria Trays Designed for Cooks and Diners Alike

NPX ONE now offers institutional kitchen operators an efficient and durable food tray that enhances the presentation and distribution of complete meals. Our NPX ONE Cafeteria trays enable kitchen staff to serve a variety of hot and cold foods on a single tray that is strong yet lightweight, perfect for diners of all ages.


  • Polystyrene construction delivers strength and convenience
  • Tray’s five unique sections accommodate a range of foods
  • Hot and cold foods can be served simultaneously
  • Tray sections protect dry foods from fresh produce and sauces
  • Single-use tray simplifies the clean-up process for all


  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions
  • Commissaries


Fresh Food Trays

Efficient, Economical In-Store Packaging System

Engineered for High-Speed Packaging Equipment

Creates a Modified Atmosphere Packaging System

Serve a Variety of Hot and Cold Foods