NPX ONE Barrier

A MAP-Ready Tray Extends Product Freshness

Designed, manufactured and serviced by NPX ONE’s team of packaging technologists, NPX ONE Processor trays deliver the consistency and integrity required for high-speed, automated protein packing operations. All NPX ONE Processor trays are machinable, resistant to fracturing and offer de-nesting advantages.


  • Multiple trim dimensions and depths for both high and low oxygen applications
  • Lightweight, yet strong enough for automated lidding equipment
  • Foam composition offers maximum protection and insulative properties while minimizing package condensation in display case
  • Available in white, black, rose and yellow
  • Padded or Unpadded


  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Poultry

Fresh Food Trays

Efficient, Economical In-Store Packaging System

Engineered for High-Speed Packaging Equipment

Creates a Modified Atmosphere Packaging System

Serve a Variety of Hot and Cold Foods