NPX ONE Supermarket

Versatile Supermarket Trays Build a Better Display

Available in a range of colors, sizes and strengths, our polystyrene foam NPX ONE Supermarket trays improve the appearance, merchandising and consumer takeaway of fresh meat, poultry and seafood. With a balance of design and function, NPX ONE Supermarket trays offer retailers the flexibility to select the tray style that meets your merchandising needs.


  • Improves shelf appeal and protects fresh foods
  • Designed to provide efficient, economical in-store packaging system
  • A full assortment of sizes and strengths
  • Available in white, black, rose and yellow


  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Poultry


Fresh Food Trays

Efficient, Economical In-Store Packaging System

Engineered for High-Speed Packaging Equipment

Creates a Modified Atmosphere Packaging System

Serve a Variety of Hot and Cold Foods