A Pioneer of Innovative Food Packaging

NPX ONE’s corporate history features a long tradition of innovation. Legacy companies have pioneered the food tray market starting in the 1960’s, enabling fresh food processors and merchandisers to respond to evolving market dynamics.


The company’s commitment to innovation has produced several unique packaging products, including NPX ONE Barrier trays.


Today, NPX ONE is focused on providing fresh food processors and retailers with quality trays that meet your packaging system specifications as well as your merchandising objectives.


Still the Ultimate Food Tray – For Good Reasons


Polystyrene foam trays are the most widely used package for fresh proteins, particularly for whole muscle and poultry products. 1


Consumers continue to associate polystyrene foam trays with the look and feel of store-wrapped proteins.


For more than 50 years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration FDA (FDA) has determined that polystyrene is safe for use in food packaging.


Our polystyrene foam feedstock is converted into a finished product 32 times its original volume, virtually turning air into a strong and efficient package. 2


Made of 98% air, our polystyrene foam trays feature an inert material void of harmful chemicals that off-gas or leach during the tray’s use or disposal. 2

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